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Since publishing this report, we have received so many questions from readers, that we decided to publish an updated version with more details and updates.

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That means you are allowed to be out-of-the province for half a year less a day—182 days.

Ontario allows you to be out of the country for 212 days (seven months) and Newfoundland for eight months without risking loss of your medicare benefits.

If you stay out of your province longer than that, you risk losing your “residency” and with it your medicare benefits, and you will then have to re-instate your eligibility by living in your province for three straight months (without leaving) before you get those benefits back.

And you will have to be able to prove that you have complied.

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Top leagues around Europe drew to a close this weekend with plenty of drama from top to bottom.

Barcelona wrapped up the La Liga title for a second straight season, Stuttgart went down in the Bundesliga and Gonzalo Higuain set the goalscoring record in Serie A on Saturday.

On Sunday, Manchester City drew but did enough to seal UCL place while Manchester United’s fixture was abandoned. Thereafter in the relegation battles, Madrid based Getafe and Rayo went down in La Liga while Carpi dropped in Serie A.

Since there are no provincial border police, you can expect a certain flexibility in how these rules are applied and I know of quite a few people who bend the rules to get a few extra days here or there.


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