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The top talents in pro football are back with the very best in pigskin pandemonium. NFL QUARTERBACK CLUB '96 end the discussion with a concussion!

It's a whole new game as NFL QUARTERBACK CLUB '96 takes a giant step into the future of football gaming with all new expansion teams, bold new plays and mind blowing graphics! All the tools and toys are here, 30 teams, over 40 plays, and plenty of action, backed up by impressive, meaningful stats. You're taped up, the pads are in place, the cleats are on.

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NFL Quarterback Club is an American football video game for multiple platforms that features quarterbacks from the NFL.

It is the first game in Acclaim Entertainment's NFL Quarterback Club series.

The first game to use the name was a Game Boy title developed by Beam Software and released under Acclaim's LJN brand in 1993 that was a simulation of the NFL Quarterback Challenge.

The following year, Acclaim and LJN released a new multiplatform title under the same name, adding options to play full team games under NFL rules, while retaining the Quarterback Challenge mode.

The game was released for the Super NES, Genesis and Game Gear.

A Game Boy version, called NFL Quarterback Club II and a 32X version were released in 1995.Both these versions omitted the Quarterback Challenge mode, a trend that would continue with NFL Quarterback Club 96.In 1994, NFL Quarterback Club was released for the SNES.The main appeal about the game is that it offers three different types of modes to play in, making it more like three games in one.Up to four different players can play at the same time. Players can choose from more than 12 of the NFL's premier quarterbacks to take part in a competition. These are Accuracy, The Obstacle Course, Distance and Read And Recognition.Accuracy involves throwing the ball toward targets.

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