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The first Subway restaurant opened in the North End section of the city in 1965.

The first documented English settlement within the present city limits of Bridgeport took place in 1644, centered at Black Rock Harbor along North Avenue and between Park and Briarwood Avenues.

The place was called Pequonnock (Quiripi for "Cleared Land"), after a band of the Paugussett, a Native American people who then occupied this area.

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(It has since been blasted through for an expressway.) The Golden Hill Indians were granted a reservation here by the Colony of Connecticut in 1639 that survived until 1802.

(It exists today in adjoining Trumbull.) Bridgeport's early years were marked by residents' reliance on fishing and farming, not altogether different from the economy of the Native Americans, who had cultivated corn, beans, and squash and fished and gathered shellfish from both the river and sound.

A village called Newfield began to coalesce around the corner of State and Water Streets in the 1760s.

By the time of the State of Connecticut's ratification of the American constitution in 1781, many of the local farmers held shares in vessels trading at Newfield Harbor or had begun trading in their own name.

Newfield initially expanded around the coasting trade with Boston, New York, and Baltimore and the international trade with the West Indies.

connecting Bridgeport to New York and the other towns along the north shore of the Long Island Sound.Now a major junction for western Connecticut, the city rapidly industrialized.Following the Civil War, it held several iron foundries and factories manufacturing firearms, metallic cartridges, horse harnesses, locks, and blinds.It is bordered by the towns of Trumbull to the north, Fairfield to the west, and Stratford to the east.The Greater Bridgeport area is the 48th-largest urban area in the United States, just behind Hartford (47th), and forms part of the Greater New York City Area.Bridgeport was inhabited by the Paugussett Indian tribe at the time of its English colonization.

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