Online dating rituals of the american male wikifeet beautifulpeople dating website

Hillary Clinton's page features dozens of photos of her feet. "Hillary guilty of criminal neglect of both feet and Benghazi," says another.

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"And whenever I saw a movie I used to wonder how the heroine's feet look like, if they are as perfect as she seems to be." Apparently, he's not alone.

Despite an out-of-date interface that will remind you of discussion forums from the days of dial-up internet, the site brings in over three million users each month.

It features hundreds of photos of the feet of actresses, singers and models - basically, anybody who is anybody is on this site.

The tens of thousands of photos are often based on ordinary photoshoots and paparazzi shots of celebrities in sandals or barefoot. Each profile lists the subject's nationality, shoe size, and a rating of her feet out of five, accompanied by five labels ranging from 'beautiful' to 'ugly'.

With over 5000 'beautiful' rankings, Emma Watson appears to have the most highly-rated feet. The site explicitly states that no vulgar or sexual comments are permitted, although certain comments expressing appreciation seem to cross this line.

It's not just actresses, models and singers who are featured on the site.

There's even a page dedicated to former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, with photos of the infamous moment she lost a shoe while fleeing an angry crowd on Australia Day in 2012, and then again on a visit to New Delhi. There are no comments on Ms Gillard, although her feet do have a mostly 'beautiful' rating.

For politicians in America, however, it seems to be a much bigger deal.

As we speak, a fierce debate is currently underway over whether Hillary Clinton is competent enough to handle the White House.

No, we're not about to provide a point-by-point analysis of the presidential candidate's pros and cons.

For this is a forum that makes very little reference to her experience, her policies or her opponent Donald Trump.


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