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A dark age ensued; evidently the administrations that employed Linear B scribes were not present in that capacity any longer.When alphabetic literacy appeared, the population employing it was Dorian.A remnant of the Achaeans comprised the population of Arcadia.

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The Spartan Constitution, or Politeia, refers to the government and laws of the Dorian city-state of Sparta from the time of Lycurgus, the legendary law-giver, to the incorporation of Sparta into the Roman Empire: approximately the 8th century BC to the 2nd century BC.

Every city-state of Greece had a politeia at all times of its sovereign life, including the preceding Achaean Sparta and the subsequent Roman Sparta.

The politeia of Dorian Sparta, however, was noted by many classical authors for its unique features, which supported a rigidly layered social system and a strong military.

Spartan society prided itself on being members of a broad ethnic group termed the Dorians, Dōrieis, in their language.

This ethnic group self-identified on family and tribal tradition but also was identifiable by the Dorian dialect it spoke.

For example, where the Athenian population called itself the dēmos in the Attic-Ionic dialect, the Spartan word was Dāmos, retaining the long a prevalent in an earlier stage of Greek.

On the whole Dorian states everywhere could count on mutual identification and support.

Ancient Greece, or Hellas, had two non-continuous periods of native literacy: one, dated approximately 1400 BC-1200 BC, falling within the Late Bronze Age, or Mycenaean Period and the other, beginning with the innovation of the Greek alphabet about 775 BC, within the Iron Age.

From the earlier period only diurnal administrative records survive in a syllabary called Linear B.


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