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of a turn-on: When written well, stories have a way of developing characters and building up tension that filmed porn can lack.Plus, when you’re reading sex instead of viewing it, your own preferences and fantasies fill the blanks in the text, making for a truly pleasurable solo (or shared) experience.

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The sheer volume of stories guarantees there’ll be something for everyone.

Navigate to “Stories & Pics” underneath “Site Index” and you’ll find sexy texts organized by category.

They’re both user-submitted and user-rated, so you can tell what kind of reception a tale has received before you click.

com This site features another vast selection of user-submitted stories that appeal to a seriously broad range of interests.

The erotic encounters between Tania and her four lovers, Steve Collins, Guy Eddison, Rick Sneider and Richard Tyson.

Read Dirty Dancing ~ Dirty Girl Sexy Sensual Stories for Your Reading Pleasure.

Read Encounters Of Chance – BDSM Virgin Steven gets more than he bargained for when Cassandra arrives at his office still flushed from her previous encounter.

Read After Dark – Threesome Virgin Read Midtown Sexcapades A neglected husband, a single mom, an Internet chat room.

As on Literotica, ratings are encouraged, so use them as a guide to sort through the offerings and discover the very best.

describes itself as “a website committed to giving sex a good name” — one that includes quality, intelligent erotic fiction and art to combat the “dumbing-down of sex.” Its stories and articles appeal to what Nifty Established in 1992, Nifty has featured over 200,000 stories by over 10,000 authors, targeted towards gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender interests.

Fresh content is posted continuously, so there’s always something new.

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