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Summary: Charismatic, princely Asahina is an esteemed guest at the hotel Sakaki is working at as an attendant.

It wasn’t supposed to be much more different from pampering other VIPs until Sakaki sees that same “prince” being accosted by a few hooligans.

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However, it turns out that she must marry the heir of a tea ceremony school due to her grandfather's promise? But, there are two heirs, so she must decide who to marry, or if to just run away from her problem.

Story 2: Ouji Sama no Himitsu (The Prince's Secret)Yukasato happens to witness her school's prince, Matsunaga-senpai, rejecting a confession from a girl, and then freaking out by himself afterwards.

Yukasato offers to be his girlfriend to help 'rehabilitate' him of his fear of girls...

Story 3: Rabu✩STAR (Love✩Star)Ito and Kaho are childhood friends, Ito being the tyrant who bosses Kaho around, and Kaho complying (mostly because his mom asked her to).

Ito is a star, but Kaho doesn't see him that way until he drags her along to a photo shoot of his... )Hinata and Jun have been dating for three months, but haven't kissed yet...

Hinata discovers that Jun faints whenever he gets close to kiss Hinata!

its an ok manga, she has to choose between two bothers to marry and she obviously starts to like the one whos meanest to her. Last updated on October 16th, 2007, am I've read some of Aikawa's work, (ex.

the plot moves along real fast but nothing too fantastic happens but she ends up with who she wants to be after some confusion. It's a nice manga, poor Shou-kun though, I definitely would have chosen for Shou-kun 'cause he is very nice guy; although Ryuu-kun is nice to Tsubasa-chan and likes her at the end. For those who like predictable mangas, here's another 1. Zenbu no Kimi) and I loved it, but I just didnt really like this one because it was just your typical Shoujo manga.

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