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If I told you there was a public presentation and arguably demonstration of Windows 7, you probably wouldn’t believe me. Thanks to Digital Dud on Channel9 for noting, on October 13 last week, Microsoft’s distinguished engineer Eric Traut gave a presentation at the University of Illinois about Microsoft’s virtualization technology and also mentioned Windows 7 – the next version of Windows after Vista. Whilst the presentation is not directly about Windows 7, it does contain a demonstration of Min Win – an internal project to build the most efficient Windows kernel which will in turn be used in Windows 7.

The whole presentation (WMV) goes for approximately 1 hour and includes a very deep look into hypervisors.

All I’ll say is that if you think Windows at its core is bloated, think again.

The admins care about the users and will help anyone who ask for help. It uses a Video Conference quality Server Client streaming server.

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Finding the best free streaming sites can sometimes be a tricky challenge.

In my opinion this is simply because popular websites to watch movies online often disappear unexpectedly.

The result is that people constantly need to look for new pages.

It is true that there are many out there, but most are of poor quality.

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