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The Orange County Register, Orange County, California invited residents to share family stories of how the Mexican Revolution had affected their family.

The series organized by Ron Gonzales, News Team Leader, consisted of 14 articles, and reflected the diversity of experiences and adaptations made by migrating families.

The December issues of Somos Primos included 13 articles.

Carl Henry Marcoux, author of the article is an 83 year old Retired insurance executive, writer and historian who holds a doctorate in history from UC Riverside. Marcoux explains, on his father's experience, "It got me interested in Mexico.

I did my dissertation on Mexican politics on Plutarco Calles, the man who formed the PRI" the country's Institutional Revolutionary Party.

During the 1910-1920 conflict, about a million of Mexico's 15 million citizens died, and nearly 900,000 immigrated to the United States.

To contact Ron Gonzales, My father, Henry Marcoux, was a salesman of fancy imported foods and liquor on New York City's Park Avenue in 1916.

Imagine his consternation when he and his fellow weekend soldiers were called to active duty.

Shortly after he signed up, the regiment was ordered to Texas on the Mexican border. Pershing and the regular army to enter Mexico, seek out Villa and punish him for his attacks on American personnel and property. The Americans could not even find him in the wilds of northern Mexico.

The Mexican revolutionary, Pancho Villa, had in 1916 launched a series of attacks against Americans both south and north of the border, claiming that the Americans had sided with his enemy, Venustiano Carranza, who led his opposing Mexican Constitutionalist Forces in the Mexican Revolution. The regular American Army forces were so limited that Pershing's campaign involved almost all of the existing regulars.

The government ordered the New York National Guard to the Mexican border to preclude further moves north by the Mexicans.

One of his customers was Cornelius Vanderbilt, a direct descendant of the original Cornelius Vanderbilt of railroad fame.

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