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Along with advance registration, there is also a campaign to win X’mas version home characters.There are five characters you could be presented with: Shinya Kogami, Nobuchika Ginoza, Tomomi Masaoka, Shusei Kagari, and Shogo Makishima.Look forward to the distribution to find out which character you’ll get..

By using the next generation interface “Fone,” everything from the home screen to the tool designs can be changed to the world of your favorite anime.

It clearly distinguishes itself from traditional apps and games.

through various scenes on the home screen, standby screen, alarm, and more. It will be available on the Google Play Store in Japan only.

Along with advance registration, screenshots of the app still in development were released, and from them you can confirm a portion of the app’s tools.

For what I see in the PV, I think that it will be like in the following options : - a girls with guns show la Noir or Madlax - a boys with guns show la Licensed by Royalty - a show that has The Five Killers-like plot I think it may be the Urobuchi Gen penned original anime which is going to be boardcasted in october according to Gen's twitter post on new year's day.

I suspected that Noitamin A would want a Gen scripted original animu to boost viewership due to his reputation of Madoka Magica's scriptwriter. As for who could be behind this: Index is listed as producer for this,they're a company that have a minority share in Madhouse and have produced Madhouse shows like Oh Edo Rocket and Princess Resurection.

They also own game company Atlus (Personna franchise, Catherine) and produced the Personna 4 anime.

So maybe Madhouse or Atlus are involved in this,maybe both. Madhouse is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTV now since they bought all the remaining shares from Index.

The previous Index Holdings completely restructured, and Atlus was absorbed into the main company.

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