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Meanwhile, keep planning your big 75th party with the Danes at the H-B Saloon in the Cowboy Capital!

—Kristi Santos To: Julie and Martina somewhere in Italy We forgive you for taking off this semester to be migrant organic farmers in Europe. But please come home for Christmas or your Fathers will rent out your rooms.

To: Eli The holidays are officially knocking at the door now, and I wish you could be here to let them in with me.

We Love you and are proud of you, but the monkeys and I want you to come home and make cookies with us. Dickson Wow, my son, such a special Christmas gift from Stewart--tickets to be there in person with him for PHC!

—ilse riebe To: Father Wally & Shelia Reynolds Congratulations on your 45th wedding anniversary from all your parishioners at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Bartow, Florida. Y'all have a wonderful time as you enjoy the show and create very special memories to forever ponder and savor. I love you immeasurably, Momma Bear (and Co Coa) —Jan Rader Dickson To: sister su (my sister, not a nun) happy birthday!

Your life together has taught us how we should live ours. you might die of shock hearing your name read by Mr Keillor, but there's some things in life worth the risk.

much love from Cathy, Pete and Pamela —pete friedrich To: Elise Hawley Hello to cousin elise in Minnesota from cousin Kieran in Washington.

Congratulations on the successful completion of your first semester in college. —Kieran Melroe To: Kevin Lohr-key Well, another Christmas finds us apart, son - you are in Bahrain, we are here at home.We are so very proud of you and your service in the US Navy. —Mom & Rick Abbott To: to my wife Kristie Glad the surgery went well.The last minute abdominal hysterectomy means no little ones with our DNA, but thank God for those little hell raiser teenage girls we adopted from Ukraine and converted to something better than Minnesotan Lutherans--they're Iowa Presbyterians!—Chuck Muether To: Ricky NYC 38 disappointments this week have no effect on my 23 years of Love for you."The heart wants what the heart wants", and then some. Merry Xmas, Love Shaun NYC —Shaun Mc Guire To: Mom Since before I can remember, we've listened to this show together.It took us twenty years and three states, but we finally get to see the red sneakers in person! —Kate Fauteux To: Wolfgang Thanks for 20 years of knowing you - starting in the mountains at Brunni, and now now looking forward to many more decades. —Juli Unternaehrer To: Garrison Keillor Thanks from Hadong, South Korea.

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