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Stations used in this poll include those in the 48 measured Nielsen PPM markets (Nassau-Suffolk, Middlesex-Somerset-Union is included in the larger New York metro and San Jose is included in the San Francisco metro).

The ad buyers rated how each type of media works in helping them reach those goals, as follows: When it was suggested that radio reps could attract new business by flipping the script on their sales pitch, here's what Gordon Borrell told Inside Radio: "If they turned the conversation around and learned about advertisers' digital goals, they might actually have a better chance of selling spots.

One of the resounding clangs in the thousands of comments we received is 'please listen to us!

' They really need reps to listen, and I'm pretty sure if they do that, they'll hear plenty of opportunity where radio can meet an advertiser's goal."Radio ranked fourth among the media advertisers select to increase their budgets for.

Internet was first with 40% of advertisers, followed by mobile (17%), direct mail (14%) and Radio (11%).

Findings of this survey were based on 397 responses from Borrell's Small and Medium Business panel in August...

has been running a feature series called "The New Golden Age Of Audio".

Probably the most interesting and informative discovery in this series is a comparison between the music traditional radio and streaming sites are playing.

What's clear is that streaming music is going more niche and in addition to offering Howard Stern, Sirius XM owns the niche music brand.

Monday, September 19, 2016 It was a close race for format of the summer of '16 but the winner is: Classic Rock.

The contest came down to two music genres - the other format is Classic Hits. judges the winner based on the most uplift in audience from June through August compared to the first 5 months of the year...

Classic Hits looked like a lock to win its third summer title in a row but the format faded in August.


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