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We spent a long time saying, “Nobody will ever believe we killed Neal.” So we spent quite a while trying to sell it.We figured the moment when Mozzie believes it, maybe the audience will believe it.TVLINE When and how did you settle on this particular ending?

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This was going to be the moment when Neal has to decide what he’s going to do.

And so he walked up to the Flatiron building in New York, and he’s tossing a coin.

In one version, the coin lands heads, and he goes to the right and he gets in a limo with Mozzie and they go off to be the greatest criminals ever.

And then we’re back with Neal, and he’s standing at that same intersection, tosses the coin and it comes up tails and he goes left and he goes to the FBI.

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After pulling the ultimate con and faking his death, Neal jetted off to Paris.

Meanwhile, Peter mourned the loss of his pal for a year until he discovered Neal’s secret storage locker, full of medical research and an article about the Louvre’s upgraded security system.

With a small smile, the G-man realized his partner was still alive.

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