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Há muito tempo eu venho alertando sobre o aparelhamento do Estado promovido pelo PT. Especificamente sobre a Petrobras, eu escrevi AQUI, AQUI, AQUI (neste post, aliás, há diversos dados para quem deseja entender um pouco melhor o setor), e mais AQUI e AQUI, para citar apenas alguns posts (há muitos outros, basta fazer a busca na ferramenta do blog, na coluna lateral).Nas últimas semanas, esse assunto veio à tona de forma ainda mais clara, e o que vimos foi o IPEA divulgando uma pesquisa COMPLETAMENTE EQUIVOCADA, com erros crassos de metodologia e análise; fatos sobre a Petrobras que ajudam a entender a estagnação da empresa; e, para finalizar o estrago, novos fatos sobre a Embrapa. Eis aqui alguns trechos de artigo publicado na revista Forbes sobre a Petrobras (a íntegra está aqui): Petrobras’ problems are becoming Dilma’s problems.

Of course, she is being blamed by politicians who don’t want to see her re-elected in October.

They probably won’t succeed at dethroning her, but one thing is certain: the deterioration of the shining star of Brazil’s state owned enterprises happened on her watch.

This election season, Dilma isn’t the only one in the cross hairs. Not long ago, as in 2007, Petrobras was heralded as the Latin America Aramco, finding oil deep under the ocean floor far off the coast of Rio and São Paulo states.

Goldman Sachs once put a $60 price target on the stock in early summer 2008.

On Friday, one of Petrobras’ former executive directors, Paulo Roberto da Costa, was arrested by Federal Police on allegations of money laundering while at the company. Government entities overpaying for goods and services is a classic way politicians and well-connected executives can steal from the state.

Dilma was the hand-picked successor of Brazil’s most popular president since the dictatorship years, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.He put her in charge of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, before moving her to his Chief of Staff and setting her up to take over where he left off in 2009.The ex-leftist guerrilla leader was more activist than oil woman, but Petrobras was never viewed as a traditional corporation, not in Brasilia and not by the market.Today, Petrobras shares trade under , and its market cap is smaller than Colombia’s Eco Petrol Eco Petrol.Over the last several weeks, Petrobras has been inundated with allegations of corruption.Chalk it up to the election cycle, but bad news has sprung a leak in the state energy giant. The Federal Police have around five investigations out on Petrobras, not to mention one at the Congressional Budget Office in Brasilia.


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