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TRENDS IN LATIN AMERICAN EXPERIMENTAL ANIMATION -- MONDAY SEPT 19 Experience a diverse selection of vibrant contemporary experimental animation from filmmakers in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Peru, presented by curators Cecilia Traslaviña and Lina X.

Aguirre as part of the Latin American and Caribbean Screening Series.

This event is sponsored by the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute, UGA Film Studies, the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts and the Universidad Javeriana.

p - RECEPTION | p - SCREENING | ADMISSION: FREE will play a show featuring some of their favorite Beatles tunes.

Come see local luminaries Timi Conley, Bryan Poole, Peter Alvanos and Michael Guthrie play all the classics, then grab some popcorn and check out the newest film on the Fab Four!


LACSI PRESENTS: GLORIA ROLANDO -- TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 6 The Caribbean Studies Group and Latin American and Caribbean Screening Series presents a visit by Cuban Director, Gloria Rolando, with a screening of her award winning documentary, (2015, 40min), inspired by the life of Rolando’s grandmother, Inocencia Armas Abreu, and draws on an interview she conducted with her in 1993.

Mixing documentary and fiction, this film serves as a celebration of not only her grandmother's legacy but also presents her testimony as a tribute to the larger contexts of black Cubans and black Cuban women in particular.

As Gloria herself has noted, with this project she hopes to "contribute a small piece to the mobilization of consciousness." Sponsored by Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute, Willson Center and Institute for African American Studies with support from Romance Languages.


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