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There are some fantastic opportunities in Romania for families with children.Old-world conventions like steam locomotives and horse-drawn carriages are still used in many rustic villages and portions of rural Transylvania host impressive wildlife populations.

Shepherds graze sheep in the highlands and defend their flocks against bears and wolves.

It’s possible for families to charter horseback riding tours that last days or even weeks, and when visiting quaint villages children may enjoy the opportunity to see the sights from a horse-drawn carriage.

The best time to visit is in the spring when the fragrant wildflowers are in bloom.

Viseu de Sus Railway A narrow-gauge steam locomotive plies a narrow-gauge track through the Maramures Mountains, providing an excellent daytrip opportunity for families with children.

The train begins in a low-lying logging village before travelling through valleys into higher elevations.

The railroad cuts through scenic countryside highlighted by fast-flowing rivers and green tracts of forest, all of which are untouched by roads.

When the train comes to a stop, passengers have the opportunity to disembark and enjoy a picnic or hike through the forest.

On the return trip, the conductor may stop the train to load firewood or collect river water for steam.

The conductor has even been known to stop to gather mushrooms when conditions are right.


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  4. Visitors in campsites: time for visit is from 8,00 a.m. and they need to be registered on reception: all visits longer than 2 hours are charged by regular price list (1 day of stay of adult person = 20 kn, entry with car for 4 persons = 300 kn ).

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