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I went to woolworlth, coles, Big W, and Bunning to asked this product , unfortunately they dont have any spray mop as I have had. Hi Thanh, Thank you so much for your kind feedback.Sabco Super Swish Spray Mop is available at Bunning's & Big W stores.For further assistance in regards to store availability please feel fr... With injuries the less work, bending or carrying buckets of water I have to do the better!

The minute I started to use it, it was fantastic, I was so happy with it.

I have a small apartment with timber floors and it only used half the bottle and I managed to do the whole apartment and heavy traffic areas like the kitchen, hallways and bathroom more than once.

It got in and under areas my other sponge mop couldn't.

I thought there wouldn't be enough water come out, but I was wrong, it's perfect. Bought the Sabco Superswish Spray Mop approximately 3 months ago, and it was awesome.... I brought it out to use and the spray no longer works!

Our mops and brooms make cleaning easier, no matter what room you are cleaning.

You will love the fact that you won't have to bend over when cleaning the kitchen floor.Purchase mops & brooms to ensure that your home is clean.Top brands of mops & brooms include Superhero, Aqua, Monster, Sabco, and Hoover.I've only been using this mop just over a month but so far am loving it as it's so fuss free, no buckets needed, no squeezing water out of a mop and so easy to store away.I don't use any chemicals or cleaners, the microfiber cloth and plain water do the job brilliantly on my lino floors, no kidding.I love how the base swivels so easily and isn't bulky but nice and flat, I don't even remove the little plastic cylinder to fill it with water, I just put water in a jug and fill it that way and leave the water in the plastic container till I use it next time.


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