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Uhistorisk er Sagafortællingen om Knuds Bejlen ved Kjøbmanden Vidgaut; Giftermaalet skyldtes I.s Moster Dronning Margrethe Fredkulla, der endog gav I. Da Høvdingen Christiern Svendsen efter Erik Emunes Drab vilde gjøre den lille Valdemar til Konge (1137), modsatte I. In 1130, she tried to prevent Canute from going to the gathering where he was to be murdered, but without success. Knud at drage til Julegildet i Roskilde (1130)-, 8 Dage efter hans Mord fødte hun Sønnen Valdemar (Jan. Alt tidligere var hun bleven Moder til Margrethe, Kirsten og Cathrine. She was the daughter of grand prince Mstislav I of Kiev and Christina Ingesdotter of Sweden and was in about 1116 married to Canute in a marriage arranged by her maternal aunt, the Danish queen Margaret Fredkulla.

In 1137, she refused to support the suggestion of Christiern Svendsen to proclaim her son monarch after the death of Erik Emune. Fra sin moster, dronning Margrethe (gift med kong Niels af Danmark) fik hun store svenske godser i medgift.

Ingeborg is not mentioned after this, and the date of her birth and death are unknown. (Kilde: Dahl & Engelstoft: Dansk Biografisk Håndleksikon.

Children: Margaret, married Stig Hvitaledr Christina (b. 1920-26) (Kilde: Salmonsens Konversations Leksikon, 2' udg. op=GET&db=:2248100&id=I6189&ti=4300 Valdemar DEN STORE Kung av Danmark.

1118), married (1133) Magnus IV of Norway Catherine, married Pribislav Henry, Duke of Mecklenburg Valdemar I of Denmark (born 1131)Ingeborg of Novgorod is the daughter of Mstislaw I, Grand Prince of Kiev and Christina Ingesdottir. Hereinafter cited as Russia Ingeborg Mstislavsdtr of Novgorod was born at Kiev, Russia. Hertug Knut Eriksen Lavard married Ingeborg Mstislavsdtr of Novgorod, daughter of Storfyrste Mstislav I. He married Ingelborg Haraldsdtr Holmgard, daughter of Harald Valdemarsen Holmgard and Kristin Ingesdtr. Död: 1182 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Familj med Sofia AV Novgorod (- 1198) Barn: Rikissa (- 1220) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personhistoria Årtal Ålder Händelse 11.

The earliest books usually quoted in the lists of Biblical dictionaries were also in fact classified or chronological, and not alphabetical (Eusebius' Onomasticon; Jerome's De viris illustribus).

Classified word lists, syllabaries, etc., of pre-alphabetic times, as well as in Chinese and other non-alphabetic languages of today, are of course also non-alphabetic, but strictly dictionaries.

In pre-alphabetic times the dictionaries include, besides the syllabaries of which there were many examples in Assyria, Babylonia, Egypt, Cyprus, etc., and the word lists proper, chronological lists of kings and various classified lists of tribute, and of astronomical or other objects.

They include, in short, all the many lists where the material is grouped round a series of catchwords.

Ingeborg of Novgorod is the daughter of Mstislaw I, Grand Prince of Kiev and Christina Ingesdottir.1,2 She married Knut Lavard Eriksson, Duke of South Jutland, son of Erik I 'the Evergood' Svendsson, King of Denmark and Bothilde Thorgautsdottir, circa 1117.1 Children of Ingeborg of Novgorod and Knut Lavard Eriksson, Duke of South Jutland Christina Knutsson1 d. She married Hertug Knut Eriksen Lavard, son of Erik I.


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