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Married head Graham Daniels, 51, and chemistry teacher Bethan Thomas, 37, face being struck off after being overheard by students who used their smartphones to make a "sex tape" which they later published online.Both Mr Daniels and Miss Thomas - formerly Mrs Bale - resigned from the 750 pupil Bryntawe Comprehensive School in Swansea, South Wales, after the tape emerged.

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She said: "This resulted in sexual acts being recorded on a cameraphone by a pupil. "This clearly unacceptable behaviour between two teaching profession on school property during educational time." School attendance offcial Susan Lewis told the hearing she she witnessed the pair kissing in Mr Daniels' office.

She said: "I could see into the headteachers office from my desk.

I could therefore see when there were people inside as I could see their legs.

"On one occasion I could see the pair of them in the office together. I didn't say anything and immediately left." Mr Daniels and attractive brunette Miss Thomas were said to be "close" and pupils claimed to have seen them at Mc Donald's restaurant together.

"It was clear from the position they were in against the door they were preventing anyone from entering. "On another occasion I knocked his door but there was no answer. One teenager at the school said: "The video shows the headmaster's office - you can hear two people in the room having sex." The hearing was told a special assembly was held to tell pupils to ignore the sex video and focus on their exams.

But pupils continued sharing the video on social networking websites including Facebook and Twitter.• Crackdown on laddish campus culture • Dorset school 'isolates' up to 40 pupils for 'pencil case infingements' The school then banned children from talking about it on social networking sites saying it was "damaging the school's reputation".The school's prospectus states "appropriate and sensible sex education is an important element in the work of the school in preparing students for adult life".The hearing in Cardiff is continuing and is due to last three days.Analogue free bound porn can be found on our website: you tube of sex, hot cougars porn Attention!The most exclusive material on the topics: Sexiest skinny big breasted women naked porn video, does he want sex.

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