Sexy website templates

Agent Evolution has a cool little plugin that has been around for a few years called WP Listings.

What it does is allow you to manually add listings to any Word Press websites in stylish, simple, and organized way.

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I have referenced this plugin in the past most recently as the preferred tool for creating and archiving your “Sold Listings”.

More recently Agent Evolution released Listing Templates that work with the WP Listings plugin to make the listing pages look like single property websites.

Meaning, instead of looking like the rest of your Word Press website each of your manually entered listings can have a customized theme, or look and feel.

There are now 5 Listing Templates Available: You can download the themes by joining as a free Real Estate Marketing Member.

I can not help you with Price or Presentation but I can help you to become a better promoter.

Have you heard the phrase; “Single Property Website”?These have been around for a while and my old company had a product called the “Listing Makeover” that made some pretty awesome Single Property Websites.You have probably used: Or some other service or company out there to create your Single Property Websites.Single Property websites are an easy and cost-effective way to create an individualized website (or webpage) for 1 listing.A way for you to market your listing, besides just putting it on the MLS, and most importantly to impress your sellers.It gives the listing a stronger web presence and makes it easy to share the listing via Social Media and Syndication.


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