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They have been raised like little gods, believing that nobody else on earth could possibly compare.

Is it any wonder then, that they have eyes only for each other?

#aka all my faves in varying forms and classes #royalty or aristocracy tends to be where the narrative works best because it lends a rarified elite context #that allows them to be removed; in their own claustrophobic world separate from the reader #but it can be anything; magic or madness or trauma (but these become ever more problematic) #any narrative with siblings who revolve around each other like celestial bodies; and no matter what are always larger and more magnificen...

You wouldn’t believe how fast my sister comes when I fuck her and play with her clit at the same time.

She takes one look down at my hand on her nub, my cock thrusting into her pussy and she explodes with full body orgasms every time.

They are caught in a gilded cage of obsession and longing, wandering around their mansion dressed to the nines or barely at all.

They sit too close and curl around each other like cats, speaking their own language and watching you with the arrogance of those who know they are beloved.

They are playful in the mad, careless ways that lead to rumours and revolutions.

They meddle in each other’s love lives like jealous lovers and throw the kinds of parties of which Caligula would be proud.

Their eyes, when they think you aren’t looking, overflow with dark secrets and darker acts and the darkest lie: that rules apply to everyone, to anyone else, but not to them.

They conspire at cruel, intoxicating games of power that only they know how to play, and the all the while you can’t help watching, waiting, wanting, though you know they could never truly let you in.

Having siblings is a lot like bullfighting — you know exactly how to get them riled up, but make one false move or get them mad enough and you'll find yourself pounded into the ground.


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