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After that I'm planning on biking the country and hiking the long trails. I love playing in the hills around me and exploring new places.I consider myself an ambassador of our way of life and try to live as an example.

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I would like to have a little land and ( tiny-house) to return to from traveling. I'm also a certified PADI deep water diver which I could be talked in to doing again.

A place in which to grow a garden foster strays and eventually grow old. I have a horse, but he is mostly a pet, though I do not like that word. My favorite writer is Orhan Pamuk, and my favorite poet is Albert Goldberg. When people first see me, they think I am still in my twenties.

I am totally into healthy , holistic, peaceful living.. I have a book of poems coming out in January, by an obscure press. After they've known me for a little while, they feel I am even younger than I look.

I believe in being as healthy as possible in every way . They always asked me what I did to keep my youth and I always said I did't do anything.

That is through healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle in every way..physically, spiritually ,and socially.. I was telling the truth, but later on when I thought about it, I figured maybe there are two reasons: first, maybe because I am leading a more simple and natual life style. I don't even need a chair because I can stand all day long and never feel tired.

I believe that the law of cause and effect governs all that we do.I believe in sowing all that is good and healthy into my life.far I have been reaping the good benefits. I have recently began to be interested in gardening. I own a kayak, but Class I is about all I am interested in. When I feel laugh, I laugh; When I feel cry, I cry: When I feel sing, I sing: When I feel dance, I dance...I am also a born again christian which means EVERYTHING to me .. I am always trying to be better at all things that I do in every way. I love New Age kind of philosophy especially when mixed with physics--ok I don't understand the math. Second, maybe bacause time doesn't affect me that much.It is not about religion.is about a relationship with the ONE that created all life . Making positive changes and growing as a person means a lot to me. I am from Manhattan , NYC originally, I moved here a few years ago to relieve dome of the stress of 9-11. Since time doesn't exist in reality and only exists in our minds, how much time affects us depends on ourselves.What makes me a great partner is that I have a high respect for life, love, & longevity. It makes me feel happy to sit back & appreciate the sky, the ocean, & the wind.Life feels beautiful if one takes the time to appreciate it.:) My background is Mathematics and Computer Science, I have been working mainly programming computers and taught university courses part time. I like classical music and other kinds of good music.

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