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(Some are getting smarter now and not even telling you it is Nigeria).

Of course, when you go to the airport to pick them up, they never show, and while you are crying and upset, they either call and tell you they had missed the plane, there was a problem with their paperwork and weren't allowed to leave the country, or a sudden illness/accident occurred!

I’ve been working with Glamour for a few months to help draw attention to women about the prolific scams using online dating sites.

I’ve been writing about these scams, especially those using photos of troops, for about six… Read More I’ve been covering these military dating scams for a number of years from the early days when the emails were simply “you won a kabillion dollars in an internet lottery”. Read More I’ve been writing about the military dating scams for far too long. I’ve recently decided to stop just talking about it and actually get involved.

Read More UPDATE: This Ain’t Hell writes about who you can contact if you believe you have been scammed and the person is posing as a US military member.

The Nigerian Scammers are everywhere, they are in chat rooms, on My Space, almost every dating website online, Facebook,, you name it.

The way these con artists operate is under the guise of wanting a mature long term relationship, that they are just "looking for love".

In truth though, all they are looking for your MONEY.

The Nigerian relationship scammers are a big business, which is very lucrative, and is run just like a business.

There is an office filled with people, who come to work to scam you out of your money.


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