The flopsy bunnies online dating

I continue to publish the series of wonderful cartoons based on the original illustrations of Beatrix Potter.This time I present the animated film “The Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies and Mrs.Tittlemouse” from which we will learn how poor little bunnies nearly got to Mr. Tittlemouse ushered out uninvited guests from her home.

WHILE she and Benjamin were talking, close under the wall, they heard a heavy tread above their heads; and suddenly Mr. THE little rabbits smiled sweetly in their sleep under the shower of grass; they did not awake because the lettuces had been so soporific. He saw some funny little brown tips of ears sticking up through the lawn mowings. PRESENTLY a fly settled on one of them and it moved. Mc Gregor climbed down on to the rubbish heap-- "One, two, three, four! THEN the mouse came out of her jam pot, and Benjamin took the paper bag off his head, and they told the doleful tale. She nibbled a hole in the bottom corner of the sack. Mc GREGOR came back and picked up the sack, and carried it off.

Mc Gregor emptied out a sackful of lawn mowings right upon the top of the sleeping Flopsy Bunnies! They dreamt that their mother Flopsy was tucking them up in a hay bed. Benjamin and Flopsy were in despair, they could not undo the string. THE little rabbits were pulled out and pinched to wake them. He carried it hanging down, as if it were rather heavy.

Their parents stuffed the empty sack with three rotten vegetable marrows, an old blacking-brush and two decayed turnips.

"Not fit to eat; but the skins will do fine to line my old cloak." "Line your old cloak? Mc Gregor--"I shall sell them and buy myself baccy!

(The youngest Flopsy Bunny got upon the window-sill.) MRS. She said she could feel six, but they must be OLD rabbits, because they were so hard and all different shapes.

When she felt the vegetables she became very very angry.

One of the rotten marrows came flying through the kitchen window, and hit the youngest Flopsy Bunny. THEN Benjamin and Flopsy thought that it was time to go home.

But next Christmas Thomasina Tittlemouse got a present of enough rabbit-wool to make herself a cloak and a hood, and a handsome muff and a pair of warm mittens.

Mc GREGOR & PETER & BENJAMIN IT is said that the effect of eating too much lettuce is "soporific." I have never felt sleepy after eating lettuces; but then I am not a rabbit.

They certainly had a very soporific effect upon the Flopsy Bunnies! "One, two, three, four, five, six leetle fat rabbits! Mc Gregor, counting on his fingers--"one, two, three--" "Don't you be silly; what do you mean, you silly old man?

WHEN Benjamin Bunny grew up, he married his Cousin Flopsy. There were jam pots and paper bags, and mountains of chopped grass from the mowing machine (which always tasted oily), and some rotten vegetable marrows and an old boot or two. --there were a quantity of overgrown lettuces, which had "shot" into flower. By degrees, one after another, they were overcome with slumber, and lay down in the mown grass. Before going to sleep he was sufficiently wide awake to put a paper bag over his head to keep off the flies.


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