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Profesores de Quechua, Quechua teachers, Runasimi yachachiqkuna, Nous enseignons quechua, Wir lehren Quechua.

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Quechua had already expanded across wide ranges of the central Andes long before the expansion of the Inca Empire.

The Inca were just one among many peoples in present-day Peru who already spoke forms of Quechua.

In the Cusco region, Quechua was influenced by local languages such as Aymara.

The Cuzco variety of Quechua developed as quite distinct.

He published his Grammatica o arte de la lengua general de los indios de los reynos del Perú (Grammar or Art of the General Language of the Indians of the Royalty of Peru) in 1560.

Ecuador conferred official status on the language in its 2006 constitution and in 2009 Bolivia adopted a new constitution that recognized a number of indigenous languages as official languages of the country.Currently, the major obstacle to the diffusion of the usage and teaching of Quechua is the lack of written material in the Quechua language like books, newspapers, software, and magazines.Thus, Quechua, along with Aymara and the minor indigenous languages, remains essentially a spoken language.In similar way, a diverse group of dialects developed in different areas related to existing local languages when the Inca Empire ruled and imposed Quechua as the official language.After the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire in the 16th century, Quechua continued to be used widely as the "general language" and main means of communication between the Spaniards and the indigenous population.The Catholic Church adopted Quechua to use as the language of evangelization.


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