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Camila Montoya died after being shot twice new years morning when she was walking through the streets of El Retiro neighborhood in the 15th district of Cali.Relatives of the victim say that she was going home when police officers asked Camila an “inspection”, which she denied.“Her friends told me that the officers grabbed her and amid the struggle a shot rang out.” stated Martha Cecilia Montoya, Camila’s mother.

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Camila Alves is a Brazilian model, who has been working in the fashion industry since she was 19.

Alves left Brazil for Los Angeles aged 15, and moved to New York at the age of 19 to pursue her modelling career.

Her modelling achievements to date include campaigns for Christian Dior cosmetics, Levi's and Mango.

Alves is also a television personality in America, making a name for herself hosting Bravo's third series of Shear Genius.

Alves and her partner, actor Matthew Mc Conaughey, have a son and a daughter together and the pair live in Austin, Texas together.

Two weeks ago, Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello posted a photo on Instagram of herself with a transgender fan who renamed herself after the singer.Now, the whole group is opening up about supporting the transgender community and encouraging others to stay true to themselves.the stunning, confident, magical woman standing next to me is named Camila Joe.I met her during a signing last year when her name was "Joey" and she told me I inspired her to have the courage to transition.And right before my eyes, today I saw a beautiful, confident woman (with IMMACULATE EYELINER by the way).She told me she was going to go by the name of Camila Joe and I kinda lost it with excitement. A photo posted by camila_cabello (@camila_cabello) on The singers want to spread this message of self-acceptance to their fans, especially to those who might be afraid of transitioning for fear of being rejected by friends and family.

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