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His musical influences were panoramicfrom jazz to classical to the synthesizer-based new wave music then gaining ground, and he would soon meld all of these into Tuxedomoon.

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They included synthesizer genius Tom Tadlock, Gregory Cruikshank, and vocalist Victoria Lowe; Lowe brought modernist puppet-theater master Winston Tong into the fold.

Most of these early members left the band, but some came back during the 1980s; other musicians who would drift in and out of Tuxedomoon over the years included drummer Paul Zahl and guitarist Michael Belfer.

Around 1978 the Tuxedomoon nucleus of Reininger and Brown was joined by an underground radio personality who called himself Peter Carcinogenic and renamed himself once again (his actual surname was Dachert) s Chinatown at the time; they named their production company after it.

Tuxedomoon were also regulars on the stage of the Deaf Club, an ideal punk rock/avant-garde venue, since it was set up as a bar for the hearing-impaired where drinks could be ordered in sign language.

Success for Tuxedomoon seemed certain, especially after they opened for Devo in early 1978.

Yet the Original members are Steven Brown; Gregory Cruikshank, vocals; Ivan Georgiev (joined band, c.1987), multi-instrumentalist; Lars van Lieshout (joined band, c.1985), trumpet, harmonica; Victoria Lowe (left band, 1978), vocals; Peter Dachert (a.k.a.Selected discography Sources Tuxedomoon was an art-rock ensemble whose vivid ly experimental musical efforts set the stage for a host of transcontinental musical subgenres.The group itself was similarly cosmopolitan, forming in San Francisco in the late 1970s but decamping in Europe a few years later.This act helped foster a cult-like following for the band and their records.

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