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As a Christian dating site, Christian Dating Free has personal stories (some from singles) that are grounded in the Bible.

You will find Bible verses on this site that related to dating, sex, romance and marriage.

One White Lie Leads to Another If you only pay attention to a couple of online dating tips, this should be one of them. It is many times the case that one lie leads to another.

When you meet someone in person, it is going to be difficult to account for fifty added pounds that were not revealed in your outdated profile picture, or when your BMW turns into an inherited Chevy Caprice that was willed to you by your great Aunt Rhoda.

But as time goes by, lies have a way of revealing themselves.

You tell one thing about yourself that is untrue and then you have to build an entire body of lies around that one lie in order to cover up for the initial lie.

That is the reasoning behind the old saying “what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”.

As a general rule, people will accept you for who you really are.Albeit not everyone will want to date you for the real you, they will definitely not want to date you (generally) if you end up being something other than what they had pictured you being.For this reason, being disingenuous is a super big, super stupid, no no. Not everyone can be a medical student with terrific abs who drives a Jaguar and lives in a condo on the beach. But you can be you – and there is someone out there for everyone, even if you are so lame that your picture is in the dictionary next to the word ‘loser’. they are confused about double standards, they have been hurt, they want to date but are not sure if it's OK, they believe deep down that following God's plan for romantic relationships is the best way to go but they are not sure exactly what that is.

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