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This site is being written and developed for my own Boeotian diversion and enjoyment.In my pursuit of happiness I may have infringed copyrights, but I did so without malice or intention to defraud or cause damage.Apart from a few exceptions, none of the photographs on this site are my own.

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Maps and line drawings are mostly of my own making.

Quotes should all be displayed in italics and, unless they are just a few words long, a reference given.

As far as I can tell the US Fair Use Law protects my endeavours, but then I'm not a lawyer and laws change from country to country.

Therefore: Anything on this site written by me may be freely used, quoted or edited provided no commercial gain is being made.

It would be nice if a reference were made to me as the author, but I'll not insist on it. (I rather like this part, every website should have one) I do not have any academic degrees in Egyptology nor any affiliations with institutes of higher learning.

No claim of scientific exactness and observance of scholarly protocols is being made.(Which doesn't mean I have not tried to get things right.But erring being human, mistakes must have crept in, and I'd be very grateful to anybody who could point them out to me.) I do not take upon myself any responsibility for the off-site links, over which I have no control as to their availability or their content. I'd like to express my gratitude to all those who encouraged me with kind words, let me know when I goofed, and, above all, to those generous souls who gave me permission to use their pictures and other material on my site.Thanks andré dollinger Reshafim, Israel January 2000 to the present Apart from many websites, links to which can be found on the appropriate pages, I have used a number of books, journals and papers, most of which are listed hereafter. [1] Paper presented at the international conference Encounters with Ancient Egypt, UCL Institute of Archaeology on 16th-18th December 2000 [2] Searchable text [3] When I remember any of those I've left out, I'll add them.[4] BMFA (JMFA): Bulletin (Journal) of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (The Giza Archives Project) [5] It has come to my attention that people have copied whole pages of the texts I have written and republished them under their own name with slight alterations. What I object to is their taking credit for somebody else's work. Herodes (en hebreo הוֹרְדוֹס, Hordos; en griego Ἡρῴδης, Hērōdēs) más conocido como Herodes el Grande (en griego Μέγας ἡρῴδης) o Herodes I (probablemente en la región de Idumea, 73/74 a. Hay detalles de su biografía en la obra del historiador romano-judío del siglo I Flavio Josefo. el emperador Augusto dividió la región de Palestina entre los sucesores de Herodes I.


  1. Roteirizada por Marcílio Moraes, Gustavo Reiz com direção de Johnny Araújo e Daniel Rezende.

  2. So I’ve interspersed a few music videos among the reviews.

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