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Six years since the release of their last full length, they are back with their third offering, "Excaecatio Lux Veritatis", an album that builds upon the strengths of its predecessor, resulting in one of their most versatile and appealing releases to date."A Luz Ofuscante da Verdade" opens this album with a strong, ambient opening which gives way to some really dark, icy sounding Black Metal.

The music sounds tight, with plenty of great, razor sharp guitar lines, coupled with equally grim, acerbic vocals which match the music perfectly.

The drums sound particularly vicious, and they really drive the sound of the whole track at some points.

"Nao Ha Salvacao" sounds really full and powerful from the first note to the last.

The thick guitar lines are played with confidently, and the delivery of the vocals really draws the listener in.

It builds lots of momentum and sets a benchmark for the rest of the album."A Lenta Adaga de Morte" combines slow, eerie, dirge-like riffs with forceful, rhythmic drums to create something that sounds great.

It's got a noticeable raw edge to it that really works with the music, some great dissonant touches that really feed into the overall aura of this song, and it stands out significantly from many of the other songs on the record.

This has the potential to become the cornerstone of their repertoire in the future.

The records fourth offering, "Caos no Meu Sangue", is a fierce piece of music, coupled with some equally vicious sounding vocals.

It's straight forward, no thrills Black Metal with juggernaut drumming and tight, imaginative riffs, and although it is the shortest track on the record, it's certainly one of the most memorable tracks available on the album."Cancao da Loucura" is built around a slow, eerie riff that gradually gains momentum, quickly becoming much more aggressive than its opening notes suggest it could end up being.

The final notes of this opus lead seamlessly into the following track, "Miseria", a song that sounds absolutely monolithic, and, as the name might imply, miserable.


  1. Sue (8 out of 10 )The script here isn't the one used in the movie, but it's still interesting to see how certain scenes or gestures translated from the script to the movie.

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