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Volleyball camps for high school, junior high school volleyball players and adult vollleyball players.

Olympic Gold Medalist Pat Powers will be doing volleyball camps in 32 cities across the United States in 2016!

Please click the Volleyball Camp Schedule and see if a volleyball camp is coming to your area.

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Coach Powers does two-day volleyball camps for junior high volleyball players and high school volleyball players (ages 12-18) as well as adult volleyball players.

Coach Powers has developed a learning method that can teach you how to master the advanced skills of volleyball over a short amount of time.

This volleyball camp is beyond six on six competition.

This volleyball camp is about executing superior techniques while you are playing.

It is done through a unique process I developed called "Survivor." Survivor is a Queen/King of the court game played with the rules of Over-Correction in a fast paced environment.

The result is you download these skills in your unconscious motor memory and they become great habits!

One hour into the clinic I separate the players by how hard they hit and how well they set--it is a safety issue for me and a comfort level issue for all players.

Typically we have one court of adults, junior boys and advanced junior girls, one court of junior girls and one court of novice players.

Current skill level is not an issue at these events.


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  6. The Fitzwilliam Institute Group reserves the right to postpone, cancel or alter courses without notice or to change any of the details in this brochure.

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