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Pictures was an early adopter of day-and-date “event” releases (seeing huge success with key franchises, including in 2005) and strategic rollouts structured around consumer behaviors in each key territory, as well as regionally nuanced campaigns.

Recently I was asked to take part in a documentary about online dating.

Not that I am an expert in the field of online dating, but the shows researcher had read some of my previous blogs and had decided that I was experienced enough within the realm of dysfunctional relationships to be a prime candidate to be sat wild eyed and confused in front of a television camera, and that once there, I was a sure bet to then let my mouth runaway with me.

When I had the initial telephone interview with the production company I must admit I was little dubious because I thought 'you want to make a documentary about online dating and you don't even know how to Skype?

' But then when I really thought about it, nobody's online presence is a true depiction of their physical self anyway, so I guess the production company didn't give a damn what I looked like, as long as I gave good (talking) head.

gives players the ability to choose from multiple variations of each character impacting both strategy and fighting style.

And with a new fully-connected gameplay experience, players are launched into a persistent online contest where every fight matters in a global battle for supremacy.

PICTURES has been at the forefront of the motion picture industry since its inception and continues to be a leading creative force in the industry. Pictures produces and distributes a wide-ranging slate of some 18-22 films each year, employing a business paradigm that mitigates risk while maximizing productivity and capital. Pictures either fully finances or co-finances the films it produces and maintains worldwide distribution rights.

It further monetizes its distribution and marketing operations by distributing films that are totally financed and produced by others.

Current multi-faceted co-financing joint ventures include those with Village Roadshow Pictures and Rat Pac-Dune Entertainment. Pictures also has a distribution, co-financing deal with Alcon Entertainment.

2015 marked the ninth consecutive year Warner Bros. PICTURES INTERNATIONAL is a leader in the marketing and distribution of feature films to markets outside of North America, operating offices in more than 30 countries and releasing films in over 120 international territories, either directly to theaters or in conjunction with partner companies and co-ventures.

Pictures crossed the billion mark at the global box office with .71 billion in worldwide receipts (.60 billion domestic, .11 billion international). The international division has developed and led a number of initiatives and strategies to take full advantage of the tremendous growth, change and opportunity in the global entertainment marketplace.

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