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The vehicle's driver might also be from the law enforcement or military pool; the driver of the United States Presidential State Car is an experienced agent from the Secret Service, and the British Prime Minister is driven by a Specialist Protection officer from the Metropolitan Police Service.

For state visits and international conferences, the host country usually supplies the ground transportation and security personnel.

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It is considered an honour for a car manufacturer to be selected to provide a state car for their respective country and a demonstration of the confidence of a government in their national industry.

For example, the President of the United States currently uses a Cadillac with special undisclosed security features commissioned by the United States government and built by General Motors, with Lincoln, manufactured by Ford Motor Company and Chrysler vehicles having been used in the past, representing the three major American manufacturers.

The Emperor of Japan uses a Toyota Century, the Prime Minister of Italy uses a Maserati, the Prime Minister of Malaysia uses a Proton Perdana, the President of the Czech Republic rides a Škoda Superb, the Prime Minister of Australia, senior cabinet ministers, the Governor General, Governors and all Members of Parliament are driven in either a luxury Holden or Ford and the British monarch uses a Bentley.

Members of the British Royal Family are driven in Jaguars, though other makes may be used in other Commonwealth realms (for instance, Holden Caprices while in Australia).

An official state car is a car used by a government to transport its head of state or head of government in an official capacity, which may also be used occasionally to transport other members of the government or visiting dignitaries from other countries.

A few countries bring their own official state car for state visits to other countries., like the USA, Russia and sometimes the UK.

It also may serve as an automotive symbol of the head of state and their country.

Part of the criteria for an official state car is to have adequate security, capability and stateliness for its duty.

A limousine, executive car or sport utility vehicle is usually selected.


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