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grips readers with its veiled (and supposedly true-to-life) account of the Clinton presidential campaign. ” rumor-mongering is stoked by the anonymity of the author (later revealed to be political columnist Joe Klein), but even the realization that it’s fiction can’t dull the book’s salacious fun.

For decades, players from the American League and the National League met on the playing field only twice a year: The All­-Star Game and the World Series.

But all that will change after a meeting of Major League Baseball owners, who vote to bring interleague play into the regular season in 1997.

This year, the exhibition is co-ordinated by Michael Craig-Martin RA – a leading artist of his generation and the teacher who nurtured the talents of Gary Hume, Sarah Lucas and Damien Hirst.

His distinctive creative vision has resulted in room after room bursting with variety, colour and remarkable new work by leading and emerging artists – all handpicked from over 12,000 entries.

The Summer Exhibition is the world’s oldest open-submission exhibition: its earliest exhibitors included the likes of Reynolds, Constable and Turner.

With many works in the exhibition on sale, the show also gives you a chance to own some original art while supporting the historic Royal Academy schools; artwork sales help us to continue the free tuition that we have offered for nearly 250 years. FINAL DAYS: If online tickets are unavailable for your chosen timeslot, you can buy tickets in person at the RA.

With everything from painting, printmaking and sculpture through to installation, photography and film, this is a show unlike any other.

We hope you’ll join us for a vibrant summer of colour. While Google is still a Stanford project called Back Rub, Apple is sliding into irrelevance, and a young Mark Zuckerberg is building his first program, Motorola releases the world’s first widely popular cellphone.With its trendsetting clamshell design and “affordable” ,000 price tag (about ,500 in today’s dollars), the Star TAC will go on to sell 60 million units.Synopsis: Whilst researching a history project, Lisa discovers that Jebediah Springfield,the town's founder,was actually a pirate who stole public funds to make a silver tongue for himself.Her findings are not popular with the township and so she asks that Springfield's body be exhumed for proof.The tongue is nowhere to be found but museum curator Hollis Hurlbut admits to Lisa that he stole it.

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