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Hue (Huế) is in the central region of Vietnam and is the former imperial capital.

Much of the riverside has wisely been done up as a pleasant promenade and park dotted with bizarre sculptures.

The tombs are located further south in the outskirts of Hue.

Hue's weather is infamously bad: the Truong Son Mountains just to the south seem to bottle up all the moisture, so it's usually misty, drizzly or outright rainy.

Things get even wetter than usual in the winter rainy season, especially from February to the end of March.

To be safe, bring along an umbrella any time of year.

Don't forget to bring a sweater and jacket in winter as it can get rather chilly, with temperatures falling to as low as 8 degrees at night.Alternatively, when the sun makes an appearance for a day or a week, it can reach 30 degrees.It's usually quite dry during the summer months, when the temperature can reach the high 30's.Summer rains can be heavy but brief, and often arrive unexpectedly, whereas February rains can last for weeks.The best description for the weather in Hue would be "changeable".Hue's international "Phu Bai" (HUI) airport fields daily flights to and from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, but flights are quite often disrupted by poor weather during the rainy season (Mid October - Mid December).


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