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On average, couples live 125 miles apart, but some dwell on separate continents.Some visit every weekend, others, every few months.But on average, long-distance couples see each other 1.5 times a month, according to center statistics.

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Greg Guldner, MD, the center's director, knows about long-distance relationships firsthand.

He was doing a medical residency in Southern California when he met his future wife on a trip to Phoenix.

The couple survived four years in a two-state relationship before marrying.

Guldner also wrote the book, Long Distance Relationships: The Complete Guide.

Tips and advice for handling long distance relationships and how to deal with long distance relationships A long distance relationship can arise from either meeting someone who already lives along distance away, for example maybe a holiday romance or at college/university, or from having a relationship but changes in your circumstances can lead to one or both of you having to move away from one another.

Additionally work or studying can often play a large part in meaning you have to conduct a long distance relationship, which can especially be the case if you work odd hours, irregular hours, you are a shift worker or work unsociable hours.A long distance relationship can also have a lot of relevance with people who work long hours as there may be similar issues and challenges to overcome.Below is some tips, advice and general thoughts, issues and problems you may come across with long distance relationships Either way long distance relationships can mean some things like dating and relationships get compromised, for example spending time in the evening together.By Kimberly Goad As Amanda Clark, 33, a caterer from Boston, walked down the aisle toward her fiancé, wearing a ,000 gown and a 7-carat ring, she felt nothing but dread.I don't want to go through with this, she thought, with each step toward the altar. But in the last half century, we've seen lots of changes: interracial and interfaith couples, gay and lesbian couples, and the older woman with the younger man -- a union that mirrors the older man-younger woman pairing.Just two hours before the ceremony, Clark had gone for a dip in the ocean with her two sisters. Now, according to experts who spoke to Web MD, a 21st century union may involve a couple that falls in love at work, now that the office romance is losing its stigma.

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