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If you’ve asked yourself this question more than once, than Tweet Sponge is the app for you. It can show you who unfollowed you, allowing you to quickly unfollow them back!

Features: -Track New Un Followers -Track New Followers -Track Followers you don’t Follow Back -Track Users you Follow that Don’t Follow You -Follow and Un Follow anyone quickly with a single touch (Paid Version Only) No longer will you ask yourself: "Who Unfollowed me on Twitter?

" Now’s your chance to find all of those pesky Un Followers, download Tweet Sponge now!

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Sometimes it's just social spring cleaning, other times there's no reason at all.

Personally, when I find out that someone unfriended me, I simply don't care. So, for those of you brave enough to get your feelings hurt, here are a few ways you can keep up to date on who doesn't care about you anymore. The most popular social media tool in the world actually has a really easy way to find out if anyone unfriends you.

Then I realize that I'm lying to myself and I ever so slowly let the hurt in, until it ends with me crying in the shower. All you have to do is "like" the Unfriend Finder page and allow the app to have permissions (not dangerous) and it will keep track of anyone who unfollows you after that.

Okay, maybe it's not quite that soap-opera-worthy, but sometimes it does bother me because, damn, I'm a great person! The worst part—half of the time I'm not even aware of who unfriended me until a third party tells me. If you'd like to know who's unfriended you while you're out and about, there are a few apps you can download to allow you to track unfollowers by sending you alerts.

Unfollowgram is a great application which will help you to track people who unfollowed you on Instagram and who are still viewing your profile.

Before we tell you how to find out who unfollowed you on instagram in the past you can have a look at some tips and tricks which will help you in getting more number of followers on Instagram and all these followers won’t unfollow you.But one thing which you need to remember in order to keep the followers with you for the lifetime who connected with you is to interact with them and work on your profile.You can easily manage your Instagram account and find out who unfollowed me on Instagram using Unfollowgram app.For i Phone users, there's Unfriended, which even has a real-time upgrade for .99 that will let you know the exact date and time so you can see which status update it was that pissed someone off enough to dump you (if you're really serious about it).It also does an "in-depth analysis" of your circles and lets you know which of your friends are inactive so you can get rid of them if you want.After all, what's the point of following someone who never has anything to say?


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