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The ability to search for information within these plans is a unique ability of FBC. The edition contains commentary, notes, maps and a Biblical dictionary.

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Within the last ten years Poland has initiated a number of projects aiming to digitize Polish publications and making them available to a wide spectrum of users. By visiting this section the user has access to the following publications: Wielka Interaktywna Encyklopedia Multimedialna edycja 2006 (WIEM 2006) – WIEM ist the first polish encyclopedia avialiable on the internet since 1998, and since 2000, a part of the portal

This guide is an attempt to aid in navigating these projects and locating the full-text Polish publications in electronic format, both monographs and periodicals. WIEM has been created on the basis of the Popularna Encyklopedia Powszechna (20 volumes plus supplement) published by Oficyna Wydawnicza Fogra, and Multimedialna Encyklopedia Powszechna (MEP).

The most important site described is undoubtedly the = Digital Libraries Federation, which enables simultaneous searching of over 70 Polish digital libraries. The current edition of WIEM contains over 125,000 entries and approx. It is the best illustrated encyclopedia within the Polish internet.

The guide also lists other projects, which are not a part of the Federation. Most of the sites included in the guide are of a non-profit type. Its entries contain links to internet pages, and the creators take care in maintaining the up to date status of the entries. (author: Tadeusz Sztucki, Wydawnictwo Placet, 1998) – is an item dedicated to marketing in general, as well as issues necessary for practical application of marketing from the areas of economy, sociology, psychology and management. Irena Kamińska-Szmaj, Wydawnictwo Europa, 2001) – an item containing 25,000 entries and 300,000 definitions.

A few commercial project were included, however, to signal the growing number of such initiatives. (author: Józef Penc, Wydawnictwo Placet, 1997) – is an item dedicated to business matters, which in an easily accessible way organizes and provides explanation for the language of business. The pages of the encyclopedias can be searched by entry name.

The growth of digitization initiatives in Poland is extremely robust, with new projects constantly coming to the fore and existing projects being radically expanded. The results of the search may bring several hits, with the sources listed.Thus, this guide makes no pretense of total and absolute coverage of all electronic publications available on the Polish internet. The encyclopedias can also be searched by letter – after selecting a letter the user generates a list of all entries beginning with that letter.It will undoubtedly need to be revisited in the future and updated as new sites come online. In the section Słowniki--Słowniki języka polskiego on the Portal Wiedzy Onet we find the following dictionaries of the Polish language:, Wydawnictwo Europa On the page Słowniki języka polskiego the user can search several dictionaries of Polish and a dictionary of foreign words.However, for the present day, it captures the major initiatives available, and hopefully will be of use to researchers seeking access to full-text items in Polish. The default setting is for the orthographic dictionary, however from the drop down menu, the user can select other dictionaries for searching.Locating Polish electronic books and periodicals on the internet is facilitated by two services provided by , the information is grouped as follows: • National libraries• Regional libraries• Institutional libraries• Other digital collections Each grouping provides URLs to the appropriate locations. In the section on the Portal Wiedzy Onet we find translation dictionaries:• From Polish to English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and vice versa –from these languages to Polish• A Polish-Hebrew dictionary The Tłumacz page defaults to databases performing English-Polish and Polish-English translations.All the links are accompanied by brief annotations. Tu use the other dictionaries it is necessary to click on the appropriate flag and select the option from the drop-down menu (whether the translation will be performed from Polish or into Polish).


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